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No contact information needed for Instant Quotes on Medigap or Medicare Supplement Plans


We don't ask for your contact information to get instant quotes because we are REAL Licensed Independent Brokers that do not share or sell your information.

Those websites that ask for your email or telephone number to "Complete the instant quote process" are simply websites that collect your information and sell it to dozens of agents that will literally have you changing your email account or even worse, stop answering your phone.

With us, you will only be contacted (AND only if requested!) by one Licensed Agent and at your convenience.

We have been members of the Texas Better Business Bureau since 

April of 2004.

We are confident that if you check us out, you will want to do business

with us.

So NONE of your contact information is required to get your Instant quote for Individual Health Insurance, Medicare Supplements (Secondary plans to Original Medicare also called Medigap Plans), Dental Insurance or the many other Insurance Products we offer!

Medicare Options

We help our clients decide which Medicare Option will work best for their Heath Care needs.


Unsure of what your Medicare Options are? 

Don't know what your Health Insurance Choices are under Medicare Options?

Overwhelmed with all the information out there and don't know where to begin?

Not sure how to compare your options because they are so different in how you access healthcare?

Not sure if some of the options will work because of networks and limitations that may reduce or eliminate your access to your existing providers?

No doubt to the average Medicare Beneficiary, that Medicare Options can be very confusing and for those that have preexisting health conditions that dictate the need to keep current providers,

it can be very scary as well. 

Here, you will find limited information on helping you to compare your options but due to the critical need in making the right choice, we encourage you to call us so that we can help you make the right decision as well as help you get the most from the option you choose.

(We will never charge you a fee for our services)

Explore Our Products

We offer Medicare Supplements, Medigap Plans, Dental Plans, Life Insurance, Major Medical, and more


We offer Medicare Supplements  (Secondary plans to Original Medicare also called Medigap Plans), Medicare Advantage Plans (we require you to contact us due to Medicare Regulations if you are interested in Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare Drug Plans), Individual Major Medical Health Insurance for under 65  for those without healthcare coverage from an employer, Temporary Major Medical for those in-between employer coverage or just needing less than 1 year coverage, Final Expense, Term Life, Universal Life, and Whole Life insurance products.

We also offer Dental Plans & Dental Discount Programs to help with today's high cost of dental care.

Please feel free to click below and browse our insurance products and if you don't see what your looking for, don't hesitate to contact us!

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additional support & information

Forms & Publications

We provide access to the most common forms and publications that our Medicare Beneficiaries need.


We are happy to provide our clients with a single place to view & retrieve documents or read publications.

In this section you will find forms needed to enroll in Medicare for both turning 65 people as well as late Medicare Part B enrollments for those who continued working and was covered by their employers Group Health Insurance Plan.

You will also find important information and publications 

in regards to Medicare's higher income adjustment for the Medicare Part's B (Medical) & D (Drug),

along with your rights to appeal the adjustment based on change of income from the period the adjustment was determined (2 years prior Tax filing).

Extra Help

We have helped people get connected to Federal, State, and Private assistance programs over 15 years


Over the years we have helped thousands of clients get connected to programs that helped them get better access to healthcare, including help with prescription drug cost along with State & Federal Programs to assist them in filling the needs they had.

We have never charged our clients for this help and selling people secondary insurance to Medicare called Medicare Supplements (or Medigap Plans) and other types of Health Insurance is simply a function of ours and not our only goal.

We thank all our past & existing clients for giving us the opportunity to earn their business and we hope YOU will do the same.

Our Clients Say

We have received hundreds of Thank You cards and letters from clients for our services and help over the fifteen years we have been in business and have maintained an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.


It is with our deep appreciation that we occasionally receive a hand written note or card from our clients expressing their gratitude for the extra effort we had given them. 

Whether we helped them with a Secondary Insurance to their Medicare called a Medicare Supplement or Medigap Plan, an Individual Health Insurance Plan, or simply telling them that they should keep what they have, we cherish these testimonials of appreciation as trophies and would very proudly like to share a few of them and their stories with you.

Please continue below to read our Testimonials.