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Traditional Medicare

The first of your Medicare Options, is to keep your Traditional Medicare Part's A (Hospital) & Part B (Medical) as your primary insurance, which keeps you in one of the only "Fee For Service" type's of health insurance left in the Market today.

Fee For Service (or FFS) type's of insurance is where there is simply a list of covered services & procedures in which a set "Fee" is applied, and does not generally require any pre-authorizations to receive services/procedures or referrals to see providers.

Since Traditional Medicare comes with "Gaps in coverage", it is advisable that staying with this option, one should obtain a "Medigap" plan, also known as a Medicare Supplement, to cover the gaps of Medicare. The largest gap of course is the 20% that Medicare Part B leaves for you to pay & in which the Medigap Plan would cover.

When choosing this option you would also need a "Stand Alone Medicare Part D Drug Plan" as a Medicare Supplement does not offer Part D Drug Coverage. It is against Medicare Guidelines. 

Here is a quick link to The Official Medicare Website and will take you to a page that explains more about Medigap Plans (also called Medicare Supplement).


Medicare Part D Drug Plans

Medicare Part D Drug Plans are simply designed & regulated by Medicare, however they are not offered by Medicare. 

Private companies must design the drug coverage they wish to offer to be at least equal to, or offer greater benefits 

than Medicare's Standard Design.

Then they must apply and contract with Medicare 

to offer their plans to Medicare Beneficiaries.

So these plans, like all Medicare Plans such as the Medicare Advantage Plans, are on one year contracts (Calendar year) with Medicare.

We do not offer online quoting or enrolling into Medicare Drug Plans and we do not sell them. 

We DO however take care of your Medicare Drug Plan for you if you are a Medicare Supplement Policy Holder with us. 

Choosing to keep Traditional Medicare Parts A & B as primary along with a Medicare Supplement is one of your Medicare Options that would require a "Stand Alone" Medicare Part D Drug Plan.

Medicare Part D is NOT the same as Medicare Part C although many Medicare Part C Plans come with Medicare Part D drug coverage.

Call us and let us explain so that we can Make Medicare Simple for YOU!

More great reasons to give us the opportunity to earn your business!

Here is a great link to the Official Medicare Website explaining more on how the 

Medicare Part D drug coverage works.


Medicare Part C Plans


Also known as "Medicare Advantage Plans", are plans where you agree to receive all your Medicare Benefits from a private company INSTEAD of Traditional Medicare A & B.

Medicare Advantage Plans are Medicare Part C Plans and 

NOT Medicare Supplements.

Please don't confuse the two when you are considering your Medicare Options.

These plans are managed care plans such as HMO's & PPO's.

They (Medicare Advantage Plans) take over and replace your Medicare Parts A & B, and most come with Medicare Part D drug coverage as well. Although many of these plans come with a $0.00 premium, they do charge you copay's (such as $15.00 PCP copay's) and coinsurance (20% of eligible charges such as cancer treatment) for the services and procedures you receive thru the plan. You are also required to be enrolled into, and continue paying your Medicare Part B premiums (this has to be paid no matter what option you choose). These plans are managed care plans meaning that referrals are required in most plans and pre-authorization to receive certain services or procedures are required from most ALL plans (Advantage Plans),

including the PPO's.

Link to the Official Medicare Site explaining more on how Medicare Advantage Plans work. 


Comparing Options

Comparing Medicare Options is like comparing apples to oranges. 

Simply put, they work totally different from each other on not only how you get your healthcare, but as importantly, what your cost will be out of pocket to receive services or procedures.

Because of the limitations, exclusions & conditions in receiving healthcare thru Medicare Part C Advantage Plans is so intricate, we insist that if you wish to consider this option, that you either call us or send us a message with your contact information 

so that we may call you. 

(Advantage Plans work much differently than Traditional Medicare with a Medicare Supplement)

We offer Medicare Advantage Plans but our recommendation of those plans are contingent upon us following CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) guidelines and taking the steps to ensure that these plans are a valid option for you per your healthcare needs.

We will not mail Medicare Advantage Plan materials unless we speak to you first and have determined which plan would best fit your healthcare needs.

To read more and to see how Medicare compares these plans, then click the link below to be taken to the Official Medicare Website and directly to the page that has that information.


Additional Resources

Here is a great article from Consumer Reports regarding Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage Plans verses Medicare Supplement Plans.


Is Medicare Advantage the same as Medigap?

No, and mixing up the two can cause big problems!


A really good publication that Medicare Provides to all Medicare Beneficiaries is the

Medicare & You Guidebook to YOUR Medicare Benefits.

CLICK HERE:  Medicare & You  


Not only is confusion normal at this point, but it is most certainly expected

Navigating your options on your own can be virtually impossible, 

especially if you are new to Medicare.

Keeping Medicare A & B as Primary and purchase a Medicare Supplement along with a Medicare Part D Drug Plan is one of your Medicare Options,

Enroll into a Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage Plan that comes with Medicare Part D drug coverage 

is another one of your Medicare Options.

So where do you go?

Who do you talk to that is knowledgeable AND experienced with your options? 

Someone that will guide you on what's best for you instead of recommendations

that are influenced by compensation or limited products?

Welcome to Seniors Information Services, where your Best Interest is our Top Priority!


We contract and certify with multiple top rated companies so that we have the ability to help you with ALL your options,

while offering the most comprehensive benefits and lowest premiums in the industry.

Still Have Questions?

Call us. 

We never charge for our services and will never call you unless you specifically ask us to regarding more information on a Medicare Supplement, Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage Plan, or help determining which of the Medicare Options are right for you.


Enrolling into Medicare?

Here is a publication from Social Security with instructions on enrolling online.


Below is a good video published by Social Security concerning retiring and signing up for benefits.