Choosing Life Insurance can be difficult with all the various products on the market. This is why we have created this page of common questions and answers with choosing a life insurance policy.

Does my health affect the price of my life insurance policy?

It depends on the type of life insurance policy.

We offer a Final Expense Life Insurance, which is guaranteed acceptance-no medical questions or health exam.

For our other products, your health does affect the price as we can explain if you will call us and give us the opportunity as well as provide you with competitive insurance quotes.

Depending on your health status, we will get you the best price for the kind of policy you need with your current situation. 

For example, there will be a difference in policies for someone who is a heavy smoker compared to someone who has never smoked.

Some companies charge a lot higher premium than others do for tobacco users. 

(This is why we have so many companies!)

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Benefits of permanent life insurance & How to get insurance quotes?

Permanent life insurance is protection for your entire life, as long as sufficient premiums are paid. Properly structured and maintained permanent life insurance builds equity in the form of cash value which you can use as you see fit.

There are many different options and flexible policies to choose from to suit various needs (whole, variable, and universal life, to name a few.)

To get Insurance Quotes for these products you will need to call us so we can help you with the best rates for your specific needs.

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What kinds of life insurance is there and how do they differ?

The two main types of life insurance are term life insurance, which offers coverage that may be purchased for a specific time period, and permanent life insurance, which offers protection for an entire lifetime. We offer affordable term life insurance (On Instant Quote Tool!) and several types of permanent life insurance, including whole life insurance, universal life insurance, variable universal life insurance and Final Expense (whole life with less health requirements generally purchased by retiree's). 

(We can get you anything you need and the lowest insurance quotes from multiple Top Rated Companies)

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How many years (Term) should I choose for my policy?

It depends. The period of time you’ll need life insurance coverage for should be equal to the period of time your policy lasts. For example, if you have young children, you may want a 20 or 30 year term life so your children are covered for college or other future financial endeavors. The longer the term will increase the rates on the insurance quotes for the product you are seeking.

On the other hand, if your children are out of college and supporting themselves, a shorter term policy might suit your needs better. 

(You are always welcomed to call and let us help you with that information. We have been helping people for over 15 years!)

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What are the benefits of term life insurance?

Term life insurance is life insurance coverage for a specific time period, typically between 10 and 30 years. Term life insurance is an affordable way to get maximum coverage throughout that time frame, and so are great covering specific financial responsibilities, such as paying for a mortgage or saving for college expenses.

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What are some basic life insurance terms I should know?

Policy Owner

The policy owner is the person who owns the life insurance policy. In most cases, the policy owner is also the person who is insured by the policy. However, the policy owner may also be a relative of the insured, a trust, partnership, or a corporation.


A beneficiary is the person(s) selected by the policy owner to receive the life insurance payments upon the death of the insured.


Premiums are the payments made to the insurance company to purchase and keep a policy active.

Death Benefit

A death benefit is the amount paid to the beneficiary at the time of the death of the insured. 

Face Amount

The face amount of the policy is the amount of the death benefit as stated in the policy. This does not include additional amounts that the policy may have accumulated or how much cash value the policy has.

Insured/Insured life

Insurability refers to how likely an applicant is to be offered coverage based on current health, medical background, family history and other factors.

How much life insurance do I need? 

Consider what your spouse and dependents would need in order to cover day-to-day bills and larger expenses, to live comfortably and to have financial stability. Don't forget to include savings for college and retirement. Also consider the effect of inflation over time; the amount needed for college, say, twenty years from now is likely to be significantly higher than today. 

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