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About Your Medigap Quote

Anonymous Medigap or Medicare Supplement Quotes plus apply online directly with the company are just some of the many benefits of doing business with us!

If you run any anonymous insurance quotes and wish to apply for one of the Top Rated Carriers with the lowest rates in the market showing for a Medicare Supplement, then simply select the  


button showing with the quote and you will be given the options available to apply. With many quotes, 

one option is to be taken to that Health Insurance Companies secure website to apply directly ("Apply Online").

You may need to re-enter your information & re-run your quote, as well as choose the plan you wish to apply for.

We will not see or have access to the information you are entering to complete your application if you choose the 

"Apply Online" option when available.

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About Your Dental Quote

Anonymous Quotes for Dental Insurance and Dental Programs plus apply online directly with the Plan. Cutting Dental cost, not Dental Quality!

If you run dental insurance quotes here, you will be entering your information directly with our dental group carrier that DOES NOT require your personal contact information in order to see your insurance quotes.

You will see and have access to some of the most widely recognized Dental Plans and Dental Programs by Dentist Nationwide!

Dental Insurance 

(where the Insurance Company pays a portion of your dental services after deductibles)

Dental Programs 

(where you are buying into a network of Dentist that are contracted to accept lower fees for their services)

(Dental Insurance & Programs are not a Health Insurance Policy or Medicare Supplement)

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About Your Major Medical Quote

Major Medical insurance that is both on exchange and off exchange Affordable Care Act Plans also nicknamed obamacare plans.

  If you do not have health insurance through an employer or your employer coverage is too expensive, you should run no obligation insurance quotes HERE

Please note that these plans are compliant and designed according to the Affordable Care Act AKA "OBAMACARE".

If you have employer health insurance and it exceeds 10% of your annual household income, then you may be eligible for Tax Credits to help you pay for an ACA Plan.

Our quote system helps you determine if your eligible for tax credits, as well as how much your potential tax credits would be. It will also show you what your plan cost would be with the tax credits applied.

You can enroll & apply for the Tax Credits here as well without having to go to the Federal Exchange.

About Your Short Term Medical Quote

Looking for Short Term Major Medical? Get you instant no contact info required quote right here from one of the most competitive and largest companies in the Market.

For whatever reason, if you need Major Medical Health Insurance coverage for 360 days or less, then this is the most cost effective way to get covered.

Coverage can be purchased at any time of the year as short term policies do not have enrollment periods.

Top rated Insurance companies here with nationwide networks!

Please remember that if you select the "Apply Now" link with any of the insurance quotes, you will be taken directly to that Insurance Companies secure website to do your application.

About Your Life Insurance Quote

Seniors Information Services offers Life insurance quotes for all ages and all policies, however we only provide instant quotes for our Term Life Insurance Products on this website. Other than term you will need to call us Toll Free at 1-877-793-4354 as the other Life Products rates tremendously varies to each individuals situation.

Term Life Insurance with instant insurance quotes requiring NO contact information.

We offer other kinds of Life Policies (such as Whole Life & Final Expense) than those showing in your free quotes and we would be happy to quote those for you as well if you will call us.

With over 15 years as Independent Brokers and a 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating, we are confident that you will want to do business with us if you check us out!

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About Your Pet Insurance Quote

This is Holly, our little Angel here at Seniors Information Services. Healthcare cost has skyrocketed for our pets too and we have a great Pet Insurance program thru Healthy Paws. Like us, they are A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau!

It's not just people that are experiencing rising medical cost but our little angels healthcare is sky rocketing as well. 

GO HERE: QUOTE and you will be taken to a website called "Healthy Paws".

They offer health insurance for both dogs and cats alike and if you apply from this link after running your Free Anonymous Quote, you will get 10% off for the life of the policy! 

Like us (Seniors Information Services), Healthy Paws are A+ Rated with the 

Texas Better Business Bureau.